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Foot Care Service allows eligible clients to have regular appointments with a trained Foot Care Nurse on Quadra.

How do I apply?

To apply, drop by our Quadra Circle Community Connections Centre to fill out a Foot Care Application form. The office volunteer will determine your eligibility, based on whether you receive the federal Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

How do I book an appointment?

You will be given a green card with your assigned number on it and the Foot Care Nurse's contact information. The green card tells her that you are eligible for the fee subsidy. You keep this card, make your appointment with the Nurse, and show your card to her at each visit. You will pay a fee of $20. Showing your green card to the Nurse allows her to invoice us confidentially for the balance which is subsidized by donations to Quadra Circle.


What if I need in-home care?


In-home Foot Care is available with Maria Taylor and can be booked through the Quadra Circle office 250-285-2255. Maria is a retired nurse with 22 years of foot care experience. She can provide basic Foot Care, such as corn and callous removal, and will make sure you are comfortable during the service. 


Why Does Foot Care Matter?

Having feet that are in good condition is vital for both our mobility and health. However, maintaining good foot care is particularly important for seniors because failing to do so can lead to many serious problems, including a loss of independence. 

Seniors are particularly prone to various foot problems such as corns, blisters and other infections, because the skin is less thick than it used to be, as well as less elastic. They are also less able to cut their own toenails, which can lead to infections such as fungal infections, ingrown toenails or thickened toenails. These problems can lead to a loss of mobility and independence. Foot problems also make it more lit likely that a senior will become much less active, which can also contribute very negatively to their health.

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