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SEPP - Seniors Emergency Preparedness Program

The Seniors Emergency Preparedness Program has ended but this page will continue to provide good information to help you prepare for extreme weather events, power outages and wildfires.

The Seniors Emergency Preparedness Program (SEPP) was a pilot program that helped to confirm a network of community organizations, contractors and volunteers that are available to support vulnerable seniors during extreme weather events.

Please feel free to contact and we will try to help you to feel more secure during extreme weather.  Or phone the Quadra Circle office at 285-2255.

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The Seniors Emergency Preparedness Program (SEPP) ended August 31.

Please continue to prepare for extreme weather conditions throughout the year.  This site will remain active in order to provide information for Quadra seniors.


                                 Update for Fall Equinox  - September 21

It is still very important to CONSERVE WATER!  The May 26 DI (Issue 807) has some great tips on conserving water.

Fall is a good time to think ahead and prepare for the possibility of extreme winter weather. Click on the Cold & Snow button below.   A few things to do in the next couple of months: 


  • prepare a 72 hour kit for power outages and heavy snowfalls

  • cover firewood

  • consider steps to prevent frozen water line


Click Below to Learn How to Prepare for Heat & Cold 


Tips to Prepare for Cold Weather & Snow


Tips to Prepare for Hot Weather & Wildfires

SEPP ending August 31

We will continue to have the following items available for loan through the Quadra Circle Office

Electric space heaters

Emergency radio/flashlight/siren/cell phone charger

Portable air conditioners, window mounted, suitable for bedroom or other small space of about 150sq ft.

Power pack for CPAP machines

- air purifiersAir


Handwarmers are available to give


Do you have a skill that can help Quadra Island seniors in extreme weather events? Contact Quadra Circle to volunteer.

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