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Nav-CARE is a Free Program
serving Quadra, Cortes*, Denman* and Hornby* Islands

*coming in 2024

The Nav-CARE program supports individuals experiencing isolation, loneliness and anxiety due to:

Loss of a Spouse or Living Alone          Health and/or Mobility Issues 
Without Family Nearby                          In Need of Someone to Talk to        

                                    Change of Familiar Lifestyle

Living alone, experiencing health and/or mobility issues,
or the loss of a spouse or loved is difficult and often
leads to isolation and loneliness.   Making life-changing
decisions to accommodate new life realities and getting
around the community can become intensely
challenging, and many do not know the services that
are available to assist them.  These things influence
quality of life and how individuals manage their health.


Our program offers a compassionate and safe environment designed to provide support to individuals experiencing
isolation, loneliness and anxiety.


Our amazing team of trained volunteers are dedicated to
improving the quality of life for our clients helping them
live independently as long as possible.  



Everyone deserves to feel connected,
and valued.


How Nav-CARE Can Help

Our Nav-CARE Volunteers are compassionate and dedicated individuals who understand the importance of listening to and understanding their clients. We recognize that everyone's situation is unique, and we take a personalized approach to every interaction. Our volunteers are patient, attentive, and always willing to go the extra mile to provide practical solutions and support. Whether you need someone to talk to or someone to help you navigate the complexities of healthcare, our volunteers are here for you.


Talk you through important decisions and future plans.


Help locate community services & resources to improve quality of life.


Relieve feelings of loneliness, isolation and anxiety.


Offer one-on-one relationships tailored to your needs.


Assist you in re-engaging in hobbies and interests.

NavCARE Bkgnd.png
*Confidentially is of the utmost importance.*

Our Happy Clients

"You know someone is coming by and checking up on you, giving you a sense of community.  He brings community to me."

~Nav-CARE Client


NavCARE Bkgnd.png


Who is eligible for the program?

Nav-CARE was designed to meet the needs of persons with declining health who are living at home, either independently or with family.  The most important eligibility criterion for the program is that the person feels they need assistance and would benefit from regular visits from a volunteer.  We have found that thse who are becoming frail or isolated benefit the most.


How is the role of the volunteer navigator different from healthcare navigators?

Nav-CARE volunteers perform a very different role than healthcare navigators.  Our volunteers are not health care professionals, they are concerned primarily with improving quality of life.  They focus on those practical day-to-day necessities that 'make life more livable.'  They have the time and resources to sit down with their client, enjoy a cup of tea, and focus on what matters most to them. 


What training do volunteers receive?

Our volunteers are educated according to five main competencies:  Addressing client and family quality of life; advocating for clients and family; facilitating community connections; supporting access to resources and promoting active engagement.  Our volunteers also learn important skills on virtual navigation.
(In addition to training, volunteers are screened and have passed a criminal background check.)


The World Health Organization has warned that loneliness could soon become a global epidemic leading to dementia, heart disease, stroke and an increased premature death risk of nearly 30%.

NavCARE Bkgnd.png
NavCARE Bkgnd.png
NavCARE Bkgnd.png

Get to Know Us

Nav-CARE was developed from research conducted by Dr. Barbara Pesut and Dr. Wendy Duggleby. Through their research they discovered that rural seniors living at home were not receiving the support that they needed. They also discovered that there were many resources in rural communities that few people knew about. Some the greatest barriers for volunteers were the lack of opportunities to become connected to seniors who needed help. 

This led to the development of Nav-CARE.

Contact Us

If you, a loved one or friend, could benefit from the Nav-CARE program, please reach out to the contact information below.

Becoming a Nav-CARE Volunteer Navigator is an extremely rewarding way to give back to the community.  For more information on our volunteer program, click



Kathleen Monahan | Nav-CARE Coordinator


Cell | Text:  778.874.8187
Office:  250.285.2255


Nav-CARE | Quadra Circle
Kathleen Monahan
Nav-CARE Coordinator 

654 Harper Road  Quathiaski Cove, B.C.  V0P 1N0

778.874.8187 - Cell
250.285.2255 - Office

Thank you for your interest!

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