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Those who live alone may well have wondered, even worried, what would happen to them if they fell or became sick and were unable to call for help. Quadra Circle offers a free service provided by volunteers who contact individuals by phone daily. This service is available to individuals on Quadra Island who are on their own and/or have medical issues, or feel a call would assist them in their daily routine. We offer peace of mind for the individuals being called and their family and friends.


How does it work?

A volunteer will call you at the number you choose. If the volunteer is unable to contact you, they will wait 10 minutes and try again. If there is still no answer, they will try one more time within a 10-minute period. At that point, or if the volunteer has contacted you and believes there is a problem, the volunteer will call one of your contact people.

​Your contact person will need to have a key for your residence so that they can check on you. If your contacts cannot be reached, we can request the RCMP to do a Wellness Check to ensure that you are okay. As part of your discussion with a Quadra Circle representative, you can advise them if you wish that check to happen.

If you are going to be away for your usual call time, we ask you to call 250-285-2255 and leave a message to advise us of the temporary change.

This service is offered 7 days a week. All information provided to Quadra Circle is kept confidential. For more details and to sign up please contact Quadra Circle at 250-285-2255 and leave a message, or email and a volunteer will contact you. Or drop by the Quadra Circle office Wednesday to Friday 11 am to 3pm.

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