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Tech Savvy Seniors Digital Lending Library

As part of our commitment to "Tech Savvy Seniors" Quadra Circle has partnered with Quadra Island Literacy to open a Digital Library for lending small digital devices to seniors.  We have a number of IPAD mini's and Samsung Galaxy's available.


Quadra Circle Office


Phone: 250-285-2255


Quadra Circle,  in partnership with Quadra Literacy, is developing a lending library of digital devices for individual seniors to borrow for short term use (up to three months) as well as for use at our Tech Savvy Seniors courses. 


Individuals participating in the Tech Savvy Seniors - Digital Skills Training Courses are welcome to use one of the devices for the duration of the course. At the end of the course you are welcome to borrow it for up another 2 months. Quadra Circle will then contact you to find out the following:

  • Are you using the device?

  • Is it meeting your needs?

  • Do you want to continue using this device?

  • Do you need more support to use your device?

  • Do you have a means of purchasing your own device?


If you are not taking the  Digital Skills Training Course you may borrow a device for up to 3 months with a possible renewal at the end of the lending period.  Individuals needing help to set up the device (passwords, accounts, S/D or icloud account) please book an appointment to have an intoduction session or two with a volunteer facilitator. You will pick up your device from the facilitator at that time.

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